How does ASD work exactly? We are above all a catalyst which, together with the concerned parties, devises, designs, and gives impetus to creative, context-rich learning and working environments. Here are a few examples:


A company sees a market for a product that seems to bring the circular economy a big step closer. We bring the idea a step further, the management team discusses the SDGs in creative sessions and develops a ‘strategic umbrella’ under which the new activity can be placed. In doing so, the company specifies to which SDGs it makes a contribution. The outcome is a larger market share and a series of unexpected innovations.

A company wants to raise its social capital to a higher level by adopting a number of SDGs. But which of the 17 goals best suit their current working method and product range? And vice versa: how can surprising combinations of a few goals broaden the horizon of this company? We assist the management and employees in formulating new policy principles and the resulting activities.

Social institutions

A social institution sees its environment change drastically and wants to be involved in a discussion about its continued relevance/existence. We discuss the contribution of this institution to the SDGs with stakeholders, employees, and users. Not only does the organization appear to score high on several goals, but almost as a matter of course – reasoning from the goals – we also discover countless new activities that fit the institution like a glove.

Policy makers

A councillor wants to work on socially inclusive neighborhoods with a focus on sustainability. The city council embraces this proposal and uses it as an opportunity to examine the urban sustainability ambitions. We are helping to bypass the clichés, to dust off the concept of sustainability and to broaden it to SDGs. Ultimately, this will lead to the creation of an SDG work learning environment in which the municipality and stakeholders will work together.


Worldwide, there is a large and growing demand for professionals with knowledge of sustainable development. An educational institution wants to enrich its curricula with SDG-related education, possibly even to offer specific sustainability education. We design new educational pathways within the Global Goals framework. At the same time, we make sustainable development ‘visible’ as part of the institution’s strategic policy.


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